Yousef Erakat: A YouTube Comedian Changing the World

youself erakat of fouseytube

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Yousef Erakat is the guy behind fouseyTUBE, a YouTube channel where he shares skits, pranks and social experiments. I first came across Yousef’s channel in 2012 when he made a parody video called “Shit Drake Says.” The video had Yousef using Drake lyrics in everyday life, making for a pretty hilarious video that hip-hop fans couldn’t help but share with their friends. It’s earned him more than 13 million views.

More recently, Yousef has been conducting social experiments and sharing them with his 1.6 million followers. He has covered topics from bullying, prejudice, kidnapping and, his latest, homeless children. After watching his “Homeless Child Experiment,” I am convinced that Yousef isn’t just a funny guy who makes entertaining videos. Yousef has sought out to change the world.

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In the Wake of Loss



I recently lost a very good friend of mine and shared my experience with Blonde Magazine.

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I have never understood loss. Not really, anyway. Not until a month ago.

Last month, I lost a dear friend of mine. She was smart, beautiful, funny, caring, and good. She was good. She was simply good.

I’m still unsure of what caused her death, but I know what killed her. My friend, who I have known for most of my life, wasn’t able to nourish her body the way most of us can. She suffered from an illness that I will never truly understand. And it’s this illness that took her life.

The thing is, I hadn’t spoken to my friend in quite some time. I hadn’t seen her in even longer. I found it difficult to be around her because I wanted to shield her from her demons, force her into some form of treatment. But I couldn’t. There was nothing that I could do to help her…

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Happy International Women’s Day


Happy International Women's Day

What better way to kick things off on my new blog than by celebrating International Women’s Day? For me, Women’s Day is about celebrating females of every shape, size and colour, and revelling in the fact that we can be whomever and whatever we want — even when some try to tell us otherwise.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, here are a few of my favourite inspiring quotes from some amazing women.

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