How could she be so foolish? Of course this wasn’t going to last, nothing ever did. Not with him. But somehow she had convinced herself that it would be different this time, that he had changed. No, it was her fault for being so foolish. 

She stared at the unrecognizable figure she saw in the mirror — a girl with a bruised cheek, completely void of emotion. 

She was startled by the pounding on the door. He was sorry, he said. Please open the door, he begged. 

She opened the door and stared at him as the familiar apologies began. When he finished his panicked speech, she walked passed him into the bedroom and crawled into bed. He watched her, a sense of calm settling in. She stayed. 

He slowly crawled in after her and spoke into her hair, telling her he loved her, saying he was sorry. He told her that she knew how he got when she made him mad. 

He had her. He always had her. Every time she left, he found a way to get her back. This time around, it took him weeks. But she had been waiting for it. Deep down, she knew it would only be a matter of time. 

How foolish she had been, to think she could ever escape him. 

Thick Liquid Remains

This short piece is super old, but I thought I would share anyway. I wrote this after having a bizarre dream about the city being taken over by warring vampires and werewolves, and I was on a quest to save my bother. This must have been after watching some terrible movie franchise.

I could hear myself scream out in pain, the burning agony taking over my entire body has it seeped through my veins. I had been expecting this, I knew that one day my destiny would catch up with me. Now that I was here, I wished for death, I wished for anything that would rid my body of the stinging venom that was now stretching through my entire body. Yes, death would have been much better. If only he would just kill me.

Blood flowed out of my body, dripping down my arm, down my leg, pooling at my feet in deep red anguish.

And then, suddenly, it stopped. The torment stopped. The sharp pain left my neck as quickly as it started and the two strong hands that were holding me up, dropped me to the ground where I landed in my own blood.

My breaths came heavy and quick, as if my body knew these would be my last. And, as my heart sped up inside of my chest anticipating its last beat, I slid into darkness surrounded by the thick, liquid remains of my life.

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Don’t Tell Me My Dress is Slimming


In my latest post for Blonde, I share my own body acceptance and why I hate it when people tell me my outfit is “slimming.” I hope this helps to inspire other woman to see just how beautiful they are, weather they’ve got a bit of extra flab on their arms or not. My motto is: Wear what makes you happy, not what others will be happy to see you in.

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For generations, women have based their wardrobes on the clothes that they have been told are flattering for their body type. We’ve worn black because it makes us look thin, we’ve worn A-line dresses because it’s the most flattering for our shape. We hide our arms because we don’t want people to see that extra flab. I used to be this kind of girl; the type that would love when someone would tell me that I looked like I had lost a few pounds, or that my my dress was slimming. I used to look at thin girls and envy them. Then, as I grew up I thought, “Fuck that shit.”

I made the choice that I no longer wanted to be self-conscious about my body, and I no longer wanted to ‘hide’ my flaws. I didn’t want to be the type of women that spent her life hiding under…

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Yousef Erakat: A YouTube Comedian Changing the World

youself erakat of fouseytube

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Yousef Erakat is the guy behind fouseyTUBE, a YouTube channel where he shares skits, pranks and social experiments. I first came across Yousef’s channel in 2012 when he made a parody video called “Shit Drake Says.” The video had Yousef using Drake lyrics in everyday life, making for a pretty hilarious video that hip-hop fans couldn’t help but share with their friends. It’s earned him more than 13 million views.

More recently, Yousef has been conducting social experiments and sharing them with his 1.6 million followers. He has covered topics from bullying, prejudice, kidnapping and, his latest, homeless children. After watching his “Homeless Child Experiment,” I am convinced that Yousef isn’t just a funny guy who makes entertaining videos. Yousef has sought out to change the world.

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In the Wake of Loss


I recently lost a very good friend of mine and shared my experience with Blonde Magazine.

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I have never understood loss. Not really, anyway. Not until a month ago.

Last month, I lost a dear friend of mine. She was smart, beautiful, funny, caring, and good. She was good. She was simply good.

I’m still unsure of what caused her death, but I know what killed her. My friend, who I have known for most of my life, wasn’t able to nourish her body the way most of us can. She suffered from an illness that I will never truly understand. And it’s this illness that took her life.

The thing is, I hadn’t spoken to my friend in quite some time. I hadn’t seen her in even longer. I found it difficult to be around her because I wanted to shield her from her demons, force her into some form of treatment. But I couldn’t. There was nothing that I could do to help her…

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Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women's Day

What better way to kick things off on my new blog than by celebrating International Women’s Day? For me, Women’s Day is about celebrating females of every shape, size and colour, and revelling in the fact that we can be whomever and whatever we want — even when some try to tell us otherwise.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, here are a few of my favourite inspiring quotes from some amazing women.

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